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Fox is a Berlin based Saxophonist with a deep global musical experience. Born in East Berlin, Oliver Fox completed his jazz studies in Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute in Mainz(Germany) and Graz(Austria) under a Z.I.R.P scholarship. He then broadened his musical horizons, researching carnatic music in India and then working as a performer and composer in Shanghai, China. Travelling extensively, he has gone on to perform and conduct workshops in diverse locations including France, USA, Australia, South Africa and India. Returning to Berlin in 2008, Fox has collaborated and worked on projects including Vertreibung aus dem Paradies, Katya Sourikova Group, and Duo Taranczewski/Fox, to name a few. He has been involved both as a performer and composer in numerous Film - and Theatre productions, and is a member of the German/Indian Fusion project Karnatriix Global Ensemble.

2001 third award – german jazz competition "jugend jazzt"
2003 yearly award of Z.I.R.P. in Mainz – scholarship
2005 scholarship from the DAAD (german academic exchange service) for the studies in India


G.B.Flavor, the bossa boys, FOX, JuleUnterspannQuintett, HubFoxFive, Room4,Big BrazzPack, BJJO, HipStreetConnection, Janus, Erica Lee Band, JZ Band, Illusion, Vertreibung aus dem Paradies, Katya Sourikova Group, Planetao, CafeduJazz, Woody and the Dappahorns, Pantao,


Schlot(Berlin), B-Flat(Berlin), Oxident(Berlin), QuasiModo(Berlin), JunctionBar(Berlin), Ä(Berlin), Gelegenheiten(Berlin), TotalArtSpace(Berlin), Fincan(Berlin), SalonPetra(Berlin), Zimmer16(Berlin), Lagari(Berlin), Sommerwelt(Berlin), NoKangeroo(Berlin), JohannRose(Berlin), Werkstadt(Berlin), Bar25(Berlin), Waldo(Berlin), Yorkschlösschen(Berlin), Grüner Salon(Berlin), KaterHolzig(Berlin), Maria am Ostbahnhof(Berlin), CHB(Berlin), BlueTap(Berlin), AltesFinanzamt(Berlin), Miles(Graz), GMD(Graz), Blues&Byond(Frankfurt), Schick&Schoen(Mainz), Palms(Mainz), Jazzkeller(Hofheim), Waggonhalle(Marburg), Fabrik(Hamburg), Stellwerk(Hamburg), Schuppen 6(Luebeck), Birdland (Vienna), Loft(Cologne), Stadtgarten(Cologne), Bar1486(Wiesbaden), Thalhaus(Wiesbaden), 603QM (Darmstadt), JZ(Shanghai), Portman(Shanghai), CJW-Xintiandi (Shanghai), CJW-Bundcenter(Shanghai), M-GlamourBar(Shanghai), CottonClub (Shanghai), SoundBlue(Shanghai), MeltingPot(Shanghai), RedTown(Shanghai), I.M.A.(Shanghai), Bluesroom(Shanghai), Jesse (Shanghai), Infiniti (Shanghai), JZ(Hangzhou), Foxhotel(Melbourne), Kove (Cape Town), Speedway Cafe (Cape Town), Tagores (Cape Town), Rainbow Room (Cape Town), Asoka (Cape Town), Green Dolphin (Cape Town), Polana (Kalk Bay), Pepper Club (Cape Town)

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